Write a Letter to Your Friend Who Agrees to Stay at Your Place

Write a letter to your friend who agrees to stay at your place while you have to go for a vacation; thank you, friend, for the stay at your place and
Remind them of the vacation dates
Tell your friend from where to take the keys
Tell your friend about some things which you want them to do at your place.

Dear Elsa,

How have you been since we last met? I hope this letter finds you well.

Thank you so much for accepting to come over and stay here at my place during my trip to visit my aunt’s place. It’s so nice of you, and you relieved me from the stress of leaving the house with all the newly purchased furniture. I hope you’re all good to arrive by 13th July as I am going on vacation on 12th evening and will be back by 31st July.

I’ll hand over the key to my landlord, who’s trustworthy. I’ve already informed you about your stay during my vacation, and feel free to take the keys from him. I advise it’d be better if you ignore his pet that was harsh towards you all the time.

While at my place, you can enjoy your favourite scenic view from the bedroom window, a new park has been built recently, enjoy your jogging as well! During the daytime, keep the windows of all rooms open so that you’ll find it bright.

I wish I could return early, and I just can’t wait to catch up with you.

Take care,

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