Describe a library you visit

# Describe a library you visit:-

– Where the library is located

– When you visit this library

– Why you visited there

– Why did you like this library? explain it?


Well, I visited a lot of libraries during my school and college days but, here I would like to talk about a library I visited. I remember last month, my computer teacher gave me an assignment about the full history of computer life then, I visited this library.

This library located in the center of my town as well, this is very famous among all the people of my city. This is the Universal library and thus contains all types of printed materials and books also available.

Interestingly, this is a numerical library in my home town. There are a number of collection such as research materials, oldest bible, novel, drama books, references, old books and more other.

Before that, I did not know about it and, four months ago my best friend shared about it with me as well as, she knows everything about this library because she usually goes to the library for college work.

When I visited there I saw that there was a lot of facilities like the library fully air conditioner, everyone also can buy books as well as, there are setting arrangements also good. The most wonderful thing there was a huge parking place.

I earlier told you, I visited there for my assignment which gave by my teacher and, in the library, I saw the huge amount of books related to my work then, I collected books related to computer history and software as well, I spent almost 4 hours in the library. when I complete the assignment.

That time I felt very wonderful because it was an impossible task to collect this type of information from one place. After it, I think about the libraries and at that time I know about libraries are necessary for all students. Now when I face any difficulties in my studies then I go to the library and do own work without any trouble.

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