Describe a Place Where People Go to Listen Music

Describe a Place Where People Go to Listen Music

  • What kind of music is performed there?
  • What type of people go there?
  • Why people go there?
  • Explain your impressions of this place? 

Sample Answer of Describe a Place Where People Go to Listen Music

in this modern era, due to the advent of technology people have no need to go anywhere to listen to music because music is easily available on mobile phones, laptops, computers, and pen drives. one can not only enjoy music but watch videos also on social websites like YouTube. But Today I would like to talk about a place where people can not only enjoy the traditional food but enjoy the live folk dance and music side by side there also.

It is a place named cultural village which is situated in is established by the Punjab government so that the younger generation could know about their vast culture and traditions. It is made in traditional old style and displays many traditional things related to our culture. people enjoy the food, live music and dance performed by the expert folk dancers there. They wear a colourful dress of folk dance Bhangra with different traditional instruments of music in their hand. They danced on the rhythmic tunes of famous Punjabi songs.

People can kill the two birds with one stone. It is very famous among people of all over Punjab and people visited there from different places to eat delicious food and listen to music is an important source to relax from the worries and tensions of daily life.many people visit that place to spend leisure time with their friends and family members.when I visited that place for the first time it seemed to me that I am enjoying a fare with my friends.I often visit there with my family and friends when I got a chance to go there.


Q-1: what is the role played by music in people’s lives?

Ans: music is like a therapy for the persons who feel stress and suffers from tensions.nowadays, every person is as busy as a bee in his life because in this modern era if one wants to become successful in his life then he has to work very hard.a person faces many ups and downs in his life and to get relief from it music is an important alternative.

Q-2: when do you listen to music?

Ans: I listen to music especially at the night time before I go to bed for sleeping.i put headphones in my ears and listen to calm music which gives me relaxation from all the tiredness and worries of the day.

Q-3: what changes do you see in today’s music in comparison to past?

Ans: in the past time credit had gone to the voice and talent of the singer and the music of the songs was according to the lyrics of the song.people usually like classical music in past.but on the other hand in today’s life the music used in songs is so loud that sometimes it is difficult to hear the lyrics.

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