Describe a Situation when Someone Gave Positive Comments About the Work You Did for Them.

Describe a Situation when Someone Gave Positive Comments About the Work You Did for Them.

  • What Did You Do?
  • When Did You Do?
  • What Comments Did They Give?

There are a number of situations that came into my life when I helped my friends, relatives, and people on many occasions.

But today, I would like to talk about one situation when one of my friends needed my help, and I helped him immediately and received appreciation for it. 🤝

It was the time when he was going to appear in the Punjab civil services exam for the first time. He was very nervous about the pattern of the exam. 📚

My friend was preparing for the exam but found himself in a jumbled situation. He felt very sad and tried to arrange some tuition classes for himself, but everything had gone in vain.

Then he contacted me about this matter because he knew that I had already prepared for the PCS exam at Punjabi University, Patiala.

Despite having a very busy schedule, I decided to help him because “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” 🌟 So, I reserved some time for him and started teaching him.

Within one month, he overcame his weaknesses and became ready to take the exam. I taught him all the patterns and tactics on how to solve the paper. I also gave him some general knowledge books to study. He was ready to give the exam.

Just two days before the exam, my friend came to my home and asked me about the charges. He was ready to pay any cost for my help.

But I declined his offer very calmly and told him that true friends are those who help you in trouble and stand with you shoulder to shoulder. 🚫💰

I also told him that with God’s grace, when he would become successful in his exam, just sharing a piece of sweets with me would be my real reward. 🍬

My friend appreciated me from the depth of his heart and asked how he could thank me. But I told him that there was no need for it, and we embraced each other. 🤗

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Q-1: What do you mean by the phrase “a friend in need is a friend indeed”?

Ans: It has a very deep and important meaning. It means a true friend is one who helps his friend in difficult times. It is rightly said that one must believe in quality, not in quantity. So, true friends should be good but few. 🌱

Q-2: What do you keep in mind when making friends?

Ans: One should be very careful in making friends because in this world, anybody could be “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” One should beware of making friends in a hurry because one could be “a snake in the grass.” 🐍

Q-3: What are the available sources of making friends in this modern era?

Ans: With the advent of technology, there are a large number of sources to make friends. There are many social websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Instagram, IMO, etc. 💬🌐

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