As the Population of A Nation Increases, New Houses Are Needed

As the population of a nation increases, new houses are needed. Do you think it is better to build new houses in the countryside or in the cities?

The demographic upsurge brings out one of the major concerns of developing countries is accommodation. Here a few think that newly created houses can be built in the same urban space whereas others pointing out the country outskirts is the better option for building new houses. The former statement seems to be appropriate because it aids in seamless passage to daily life needs and helps to protect the environment.

To embark with, overpopulation is currently a heated topic in every developing country. In the process of combating this, the major challenge faced by the government authorities is the provision of shelter. The administrative authorities should have a well-defined plan to expand the city not in the countryside rather than into the underground or building more skyscrapers for accomodating the citizens. The building houses itself in the urban provision provide seamless access to all the support provided by the government, such as transportation, hospital, and emergency facilities. For example, Kochi is one of the major metropolitan cities in India, and which consistently accounted for increased population; there is a concept of residential hubs, and an array of high-rise building blocks are prevalent.

Moreover, expanding the city itself in the urban area will directly preserving the greeneries located in the outskirts of the country, thus maintaining the ecological balance as well. Deforestation can be prevented to a larger extent, thereby keeping the alarm pollution at bay. Although expanding the accommodation facilities in the outskirts would have provided a more personal space to the residents, it cannot be ignored that they are also one of the most sought holiday spots for many people as it provides tranquility and calmness due to indulgence in nature. For instance, in Kerala, most of the suburbs are well reserved for the tourists because of it is a pleasant and calm atmosphere which convey a message that the outskirts are needed to the people temporarily to unwind their stressful life.

In conclusion, Increasing the number of residential apartments in the urban area itself would be a much more essential step to combat overpopulation by preserving the ecological balance and providing useful amenities to the public.

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