Talk about a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip that You Would like to Take

Talk about a long bike, motorbike, or car trip that you would like to take

  • When you went to go,
  • Where you want to go,
  • How long it will take you,
  • Why it is interesting

Sample Answer of Talk about a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip that You Would like to Take

Well, there are many places where I like to go with my husband. Out of those places, I would like to go by car to Amritsar. Amritsar is my favorite place, and I occasionally make a trip to this place. Whenever I get a piece of news to spend some time, then I usually prefer to visit this place. I feel more jubilant and blessed there.

If I say the distance of this place from my residential area, then I can say it must be around 4 hours although it is a very tiring journey, the experience that I get in the Golden temple is beyond my imagination because I get Peace of Mind there I remove my all stress and worries, and I feel ecstasy so this is a thing that attracts me to visit this place again and again moreover whenever I visit this place I really have a great experience. I really feel alive.

So it is a kind of motivational place for me. Besides, when I stay overnight there, I get up in the wee hours and take a bath in the holy pond. After that, I recite hymns, which have a soothing effect on my body and mind. This kind of everlasting joy and contentment fascinate me to visit this place. So we normally visit this place by car.

Apart from it, if I visit by car, then I can move around the places because it is a convenient way of moving from pillar to post. We can halt our journey on the way. So this is a place where I would like to go by car.

Follow-ups Talk about a Long Bike, Motorbike, or Car Trip that You Would like to Take.

Question 1:- Do people in your country often travel by bike?

Answer – Well only youngsters travel by bike more than the other age groups because youngsters travel long distances by their bikes and the people, who work in a company or somewhere else, they travel by bike. Otherwise, people prefer to go by their own cars as well as other public transport.

Question 2:- Which is more convenient, bicycle or a car?

Answer – The good car is more convenient to reach at distant places because it saves one’s time as well as make the journey of people comfortable. People don’t get tired by riding a bicycle. People get exhausted easily as well as they sometimes get late in reaching the destination.

Question 3:- Do you think that children should learn the skills of riding from an early age?

Answer – Yes, they must learn how to ride a bicycle because they will remain physically fit and learn valuable skills, which would be helpful in their later periods of life. Moreover, they can take part in competitions like cycling.

Question 4:- Do you think cycling is a good way to exercise?

Answer – Yes, cycling is a good way to exercise because people remain hale and hearty when they ride a bicycle. Moreover, if people don’t have time to do exercises, then they can ride a bicycle, and in this way, their whole body organs function well. So they remain as fit as a fiddle by riding a bicycle.

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