Computer IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Computer IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Computer IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- Do you use a computer very much?

Answer –  yes, of course, I spend plenty of my time in front of my pc I mean personal computer for the major purpose study as I am currently preparing for IELTS examination so I keep almost my listening and modules on the computer so I can easily access it other than that sometimes I use my computer for watching Netflix series.

Question 2:- When do you use a computer?

Answer – I use my computer when I need it most, for instance, if I want to browse some websites or to download huge MB files which cannot be accomodating into my phone storage. So all these things I will definitely go behind my computer.

Question 3:- What do you use the computer for?

Answer – I am afraid to say that I use my computer mostly for watching movies as I have an eye problem. So. The doctor advised me to watch movies on a big screen, and also I prefer to watch a movie alone. So I mostly use my computer to watch Netflix series.

Question 4:- What was your impression when you used a computer the first time?

Answer – My first encounter with the computer was when I was studying in 4th standard …For me, the computer is almost like a TV …..but most of my attention was captured by the rat-like thing that’s a mouse. It has a blue and red color which was blinking, and moreover, I touched the keypad and gently I made a firm pressure in the icons and wrote down my name. It was really marvelous….now I’m flooded with my childhood memories.

Question 5:- How did you learn to use a computer?

Answer – as I said earlier, I had a computer as a subject in my 4th standard at that time itself teachers helped me to figure out the few basic steps like opening and shut downing the system and holding the mouse, etc….but later my father brought a computer to our home, and my elder brother helped me to learn the advanced things.

Question 6:- Have computers changed your life in any way (if yes, How?)?

Answer – Computers are used to deal with many tasks due to their various potential. The impact of computer usage in my life is apparently identified as saving money, time and effort. The computer can bring people closer together and facilitate contacts between them using Email, Chatting, Videoconferencing, and Social media. So I can connect myself with the world through my computer.

Question 7:- Are computers used much in your country?

Answer – Of course, computers have been intervened into the myriad places such as banking, school, railways station Sandy supermarket the list will go up…My country uses computers very often up to their potential.

Question 8:- Do you think computers are useful in everyday life (how)?

Answer – absolutely, computers make human life easier, as I said earlier it saves time, energy and effort. For instance, in the midst of a pandemic, the government put a restriction on college opening. During these crises, the offline classes switched to online classes, and the computer-facilitated this action easier. Like this, computers have been intervened into every sphere of humans life.

Question 9:- Computers are now used a lot in education. What do you think of this?

Answer – It seems to me absolutely a wishful notion because we can’t forecast a future with the absence of computers. Nowadays computers are mandatory for studying purposes as well. Due to the current pandemic situation, computers facilitate distance communication and education. They are so introducing the computers into educational fiel8id, not an awful choice.

Question 10:- Do you play computer games?

Answer – I am afraid to say that I’m not really into video games…I really would like to spare my time for reading, gardening and watching movies. I tried some of the videogames, but I do not get the same pleasure of reading books while playing video games.

Question 11:- Do you think computers are perfect now, or do they still need to be improved?

Answer – Well, we all are in the swift, fast-paced technological era do we can expect more from them as well, the first computer which wasn’t actually portable but now we can carry computer wherever we go. we can open and use it in the railway station, metro station even at our bedroom, moreover introduction of smartphones as well a miniature computer with all facilities of computers are incorporated with it. So I can say in the future, the size of the computer might be reduced with more storage space and implanting good quality cameras for making the virtual world more colorful.

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