Describe an enjoyable day that you spent in a countryside

Describe an enjoyable day that you spent in a countryside

  • when and where you went
  • who you went with
  • what you did there
  • and explain how much you enjoyed it. 

It was a time of a year ago when I went to Manali with whole family. It is the perfect place indeed to get spiritual as well as physical relax. My whole family was so happy to decide this place. That was in summer time when I made a plan with my family to go somewhere. We decided this place while taking dinner at home as I heard many times from my colleagues that it is the best place to enjoy the magical moments of nature and take a break in life.

We hired a nine seater taxi for 3 days as we were 5 family members: My father, mother, brother, sister, and me. We hired a large taxi so that we can easily adjust our all luggage in this car. During the way, we also visited so many historical temples. It took approx. 10 hours to reach there. No one of our family was feeling tired after watching the beauty of that place. We went to the hotel and booked the room, left our bags there and get back to the market. It was about 9 p.m. The main market of Manali called Mall road was full of lights, beauty and so many people are performing their talent on the road.

All are feeling wondering after watching these different ways of lifestyle. It just looked like a television shows because it never can be seen in our type of bustling cities. After enjoying of 3 hours, we got back to our room. Next day, we took a real benefit of nature by wandering around the jungles. The natural fun of valleys and hearing the real voices of birds gave me real peace. There, I felt how we are deteriorating our world by increasing more and more competition in every field and increasing skyscrapers and machinery whether the real life is lived in these beautiful landscapes. We had a really a great fun there. Everyone of our family was so happy to go there. It thrive a wish to spend my retirement time there and I will definitely do it.

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