Describe a Change that Could Improve Your Local Area

Describe a Change that Could Improve Your Local Area. You Should Say:

  • What Would the Change Be
  • How This Change Could Be Made
  • What Problems Are Causing the Need for This Change
  • And Explain how This Change Would Improve Your Local Area.

Sample Answer of Describe a Change that Could Improve Your Local Area

Change is very necessary for us to be updated, especially in this rapidly growing world. Change can bring a lot that is needed in the small world changes can make a big difference as said, everything begins at home and where we stay, well it a society which I would like to talk about and that’s the place I stay people nowadays are getting very conscious about health whether it is mental or physical.

It’s a place near my home in a society where society members consider it a dump yard and keep throwing garbage in that corner. They should understand it is a society and the government has also given trucks which collect the waste from doorsteps. If given a choice, I would like all members to send a photo of the situation and ask them to have a meeting. Well, this change needs people themselves.

They need to take the initiative themselves to make it happen. I would like to address that it is causing a foul smell in nearby houses and this unpleasant smell is not good for mental health and the place where are you should be clean like the home you cannot litter the on the ground anywhere you like.

Moreover, dogs and cows come into society, and the act is causing problems for humans and animals. They actually eat all garbage and they also do consume plastics which end up in death or operation medical only putting a dustbin over the place makes big difference people will start filtering in the dustbin, which will be collected by waste trucks which come every day.

It will not only improve the place but as said it will improvise better living for animals and humans on top of that more tourists will be attracted towards society and it can end up being the cleanest society in town.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Change that Could Improve Your Local Area

Question 1. Why do old people not like change?

Answer – In my opinion, they have seen enough in their life. It is the time when youth take the initiative to step forward for change. Even looking too young they might feel to change if they don’t then better themself to stay there and enjoy the retirement life

Question 2. Do you think it’s important for people to socialize with their neighbours?

Answer – To an extent, I believe they should socialize since they will get to know what’s going around and any newcomer shall also feel the place they have chosen to come and stay neighbours are well and good that they will be helpful in crises

Question 3. How do people socialize with their neighbours?

Answer – Nowadays, it is on the tip of your finger that they massage and fix a time to meet at a society commonplace or cafeteria and even invite you for a cup of tea at home. These are some basic ways how people socialize with neighbours.

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