Describe a Competition ( Music, Sports, Etc.) You Would Like to Take Part In

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Describe a Competition ( Music, Sports, Etc.) You Would Like to Take Part In

Describe a competition ( Music, Sports, etc.) you would like to take part in

  • What kind of competition it is?
  • What would you do in this competition?
  • Why does this competition interest you?

Sample Answer of Describe a Competition ( Music, Sports, Etc.) You Would Like to Take Part In

I like to participate many many competitions. In previous years used to also participated in many Many chess competitions like the Muncie chess trophy. Even I used to play also precautionary cricket competitions which were held at kara mata club every year.

But now but according to my career, I would like to participate in one of the most renowned competitions for software engineers, which is a heptathlon.

Physical is a competition where a group of people come together to participate in a competition, whether used to give any type of a project or website building. We can go for the hacking purpose or ethical hacking.

This competition happens every year. Physically I am a liking, and I am busy. I am a software engineer, so I will like to participate in that. It will help me to my career in my area out of India. Also, it is certification valuable.

Even the participation and the congratulations price also be very valuable in helping me to get a good job and place a very good Placement in future.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Competition ( Music, Sports, Etc.) You Would Like to Take Part In

Question 1:- What kinds of people are competitive?

Answer – Basically, we are in an era of competitiveness. Very famous dialogue in 3 Idiots movie life is a race. If you dont run, some others will run ahead. Then your example, to get admission to a good college or a school, we have to compete with each other students. What doing business, they have a competitive river is a competitive friendship. Competition enthusiasm how is from gender to age varies from likes to dislikes.

Question 2:- What kind of activities/competitions do people like to participate in?

Answer – For example, small children would like to take part in a competition in which they like to play. On the other hand, if the youth or disease would like to take part in a competition, please help them to analyse or showcase skills please help them to get success in their life.

Question 3:- What kinds of competitions are prevalent in your hometown?

Answer – There are many competitions organised by in organised by some of the clubs according to age add gender. For kids there will be cricket, swimming or any sports activity organised by many of the clubs during the summer vacation with you at that time when they are free of studies where is, on the other hand, there will be many card competitions like Bridge for the senior citizens and the chess competitions will also be held for him, and there is for kids for young adults also.

Question 4:- Why do you think there are many competitive programs on TV today?

Answer – There are many competitive programs telecast on TV nowadays that have Many reasons behind them, but here I would like to talk about a few reasons; the first reason is the people who participate in their competition have the ability to show their skills to the whole world second reason it also seconds also helps to bring the soul of the terrace from a very place of the country.

Question 5:- How to reduce stress in this competitive era?

Answer – There are a few ways to reduce stress. The best way is to do yoga and meditation in the morning. And people also use to close their eyes and think of their loved ones.

Question 6:- How can we stay ahead of others in this competitive era?

Answer – We can always stay ahead and competitive era by continuously doing hard work and by upgrading our skills from time to time.

Question 7:- How do you get ahead of your competitors?

Answer – As I mentioned earlier that hard work and an upgrade in skill time to move ahead of your competitors.

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