Describe a Conversation Topic You Were Not Interested in.

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in.

You should say :

  • Who you talked with?
  • When you had the conversation?
  • What was the topic?
  • And explain why you were not interested?

Sample Answer of Describe a Conversation Topic You Were Not Interested in.

Well, I daily come across so many people. Some conversations are highly influential while some really make me a pessimist. Here, I would like to speak about a conversation that I had with one of my friends at my home. Actually, I have a very hectic schedule so I have more free time on weekends. To take a break from routine work, I invited a few friends for lunch at my home.

I thought, in this way I can kill two birds with one stone. I communicate with them and simultaneously can relish the delicious food prepared by my mother which I usually miss due to my busy work schedule. As they reached, we sat in our living room and they started to talk over politicians. Though I had known great interest in sharing my views on this topic, I still listened to them.

Describe a Person Who Helps Others in His or Her Spare Time

They were really paying more attention to their lifestyle of amenities that they are getting. But none spoke about their responsibilities and their works. I saw that my friends were more interested in the lifestyle of these people. When I started to make them aware of their contributions to society none was ready to listen and blow their trumpets. I got bored with them.

I wasted my precious time with them. Initially, I thought it would be a great discussion but all my hopes dashed into the ground and I did not get valuable lessons from them. So, this conversation that I had with my friends made me disappointed.

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