Describe a Course That Impressed You a Lot: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a course that impressed you a lot:- You should say:-

  • What the course was about?
  • Where did you take the course?
  • What you did do during the course?
  • And explain why it impressed you a lot.

Sample Answer of Describe a Course That Impressed You a Lot

There are lots of courses that people like to do in their daily life and make their lifestyle convenient. Even with the help of the courses, they came to find lots of opportunities with which they easily interact, and they also enhanced their living standard.

Here I would like to talk about a course which I am impressed a lot with. That it is a French course I remember vividly when I got the summer vacation from college, I had a lot of time to spend on quality time productivity.

So I decided to pursue a French course compatible with my study because I wanted to become a polyglot, so French courses were one of the most wonderful options for me at that time. I want to pursue further study in Canada, and French is compatible with my carrier.

Moreover, French also consider the second-topmost language around the world. Many people like to use language on a large scale, so it was the major when I was admitted to a French course.

Moreover, they are a lot of jargon included in this course. So I learnt appropriately, which convinced me to be more dedicated to the course french even though it was very interesting; I also searched for lots of content on the internet, which also made my lifestyle convenient. In fact, within two months, I learned that the course was full of basics, and I also got very good scores in this language. I also shared that score with my University, and they were immediately ready to give me a very good scholarship package to pursue my further prospects in their college. So that is the course with which I was impressed a lot, and I strongly recommend to all my friend’s circles to pursue this course. Once a life because it opens all the barriers of the carrier which people like to interact with them and also enhance their living standards with a different course.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Course That Impressed You a Lot

Question 1:- Why do some people have a better memory?

Answer – There are many reasons why people have a better memory, even if they do daily exercise and also prefer to spend quality time in Meditation. Some people like to interact with the productive l for a long time and also enhance their living standards which eventually leads to becoming smarter, and they have a sharp memory to do all the errands a few times.

Question 2:- Which can help people remember things better, words or photos?

Answer – According to scientific research, human brains are compatible with photos because words are unably remembered for a long time. Whenever any kind of word always makes a pattern of pictures which they remember easily even the words have a complicated memory and the human brain cant store the letters of the word. Moreover, when a person’s interaction with any moment that would be captured in the brain of a human as the photo leads humans are quite compatible with the photos in terms of memory.

Question 3:- Can technology help people remember things better? How?

Answer – Without any doubt the world has been revolutionised into a global village they are lots of factors which make the lifestyle of people convenient with the help of technology we need to do numerous events to make the remember easily even phones and laptop is one of the foremost technologies which people like to use in the day to day life and store all the special moments in the storage of these gadgets even these Machines provides an abundance of amenities to earth users to make their lifestyle convenient.

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