These Days More Fathers Stay at Home and Take Care of Their Children While Mothers Go out To Work

These days more fathers stay at home and take care of their children while mothers go out to work. What could be the reasons for this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

There is no arguing the fact that in present times, the role of parents is the most prominent key factor in managing the condition of families conveniently. in this modern era, Father has the responsibility to take care of their child and linger at their home for a long time so that mothers need to do work and move outside for other purposes. in fact, it is turning into a monstrous a problem which needs immediate attention before it gets worse. This practice brings a negative development in the community. This essay will examine why this problem is occurring and discuss some possible ways.

The predominant factor is that the tenancy of male parents who stay at home for their children has gradually increased because there is no difference between males and females who prefer to work and take care of their families. Even women easily find their job rather than men. Females have a wide variety of options to adopt work where they can earn more, which enhances their living standards. Moreover, More parents send their daughters for higher studies instead of preparing them for getting married, and these practices promote the female workforce, which leads women to be more focused on their work all the time rather than linger at home. For instance, there are some departments such as bank teaching sessions and many more in which females are more compatible than men. to add, due to the lack of qualifications of males, so they don’t get the desired job, and as a result, they prefer to stay at home and like to do household chores.

However, this execution brings negative development to society. Fathers are considered the main pillar of the family because there are ample decisions that need to be final with the consent of the senior ones. to be clear, Father is the decision-maker. If a young male stays at home for a long time, that leads to the roots of the family getting weaker and having no hold on their women, and this practice is led drastic consequences would occur in future. As a result, the atmosphere would be disturbed. For example, plenty of errands require a physically and mentally strong workforce, leading to maintaining the ambience with a sharp mind. To add to it, there are various factories which need a largely male workforce. If males stay behind at home for a long period, the country will suffer from various difficulties, like a shortage of products in the market.

To put it in a nutshell, I say that both parents need to work to improve their quality of life. Therefore, the male workforce is too vital for developing nations and has taken to the heights.

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