Describe a Film About a Real Person or Events

Describe a film about a real person or events

  • When and where you saw this movie,
  • What person or event the film was about,
  • What happened in the movie,
  • How you felt about this film

Sample Answer of Describe a Film About a Real Person or Events

Well, watching movies is often an exciting thing for me. Here I would like to talk about a film which was socially relevant and which was based on an actual event. The movie’s name is a virus. We can understand from the name itself that it’s about some virus, but unfortunately, it’s not about coronavirus. The movie solely dealt with the nipa virus outbreak, which occurred in not part of Kerala. I watched the film with my friends in the theatre three years back.

As I said earlier, the movie dealt with an epidemic outbreak of nipa, which occurred in a small village in the penumbra. The film depicts the real story of our former health minister, shylaja teacher, and Kozhikode collector, staff nurse line. All the real-life characters are initially absorbed and played with real actors. The transition stages of each actor for the feeling were terrific in this film how the Kerala government dealt with the spreading of nipha virus transmission collaboratively with the effort of both administrators and health workers.

In the actual nipha outbreak, we lost stuff nurse lini, who was only 30 years old, and she sacrificed her for taking care of other nipha patients. It was almost a frozen moment for us…While watching that movie, I was proud being myself because I was also part of that team for dealing with nipha patients. On top of that, we lost on if our colleague during that battle and the movie genuinely dedicated to sister lini…After watching, we all rose and hugged each other and cried alot ….still, we don’t know why we all done that, but it was some tear of joy for the succeeding the fight.

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Question 1. Do you think films have any educational benefits?

Answer – Absolutely films can make a widespread awareness in the society, for instance, a Malayalam movie manichitharthazu this movie I guess it released in the year 1996 and movie death with some superstitious beliefs till the end of the film we believe that the actress was held in the custody of some ghost. Still, this movie mentioned that it’s a psychiatric condition of neurosis and multiple personality disorders… That movie was abolishing the foolish local community beliefs of superstitions and ghosts.

Question 2. In what ways are documentary films and films only for entertainment different?

Answer: I think documentary movies are more monotonous and deal with significant controversial issues or topics that need attention. Additionally, it provides a great deal of information regarding that particular topic. Whereas entertainment movie’s sole purpose is to make viewers laugh out of their lungs and might be dealing some stupid comics and funny stories.fir I stance Mr.bean shows

Question 3. Why do you think documentary films are not so popular?

Answer – It might be because of the monotonous nature, and most of the documentary movie is carried out by voice-over…So a professional man or woman speaks out necessary things without showing their face while showing some raw shortages. Thus people who are not that much keen on information will skip documentaries.

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