Describe a foreign country (culture) you want to know more about.

Describe a foreign country (culture) you want to know more about.

You should say: –

Which country is it, or what culture? 

Where is it? 

How do you know about it? 

Why do you want to know more about it?

sample answer:

Different countries have different type of cultures, however, India has a rich culture country. Almost all cultural activities are done there. culture shows its region’s values. Here I would like to talk about a foreign culture that I admire. It is none other than the Christmas celebration at Canada.
Last year one of my friends want Canada his name is punit.  He told me myriad things about Canada and he told me that they enjoy the Christmas festival most. Almost every part of the world Christmas is celebrated .he told that all street was decorated with colorful lights many people make a snowman with snow and eat hot foods they started planning about 1 month ago form this festival all ages people’s like it . The cultures of Canada is remarkably different. In my country, I have not seen any Christian community people decorate the home so nicely. They perform the ritual as it should be performed. On the other side, the people in Canada take this as the largest religious festival for them. So, they try to celebrate the day amid great festivity.

this is the end of speaking (Describe a foreign country (culture) you want to know more about.)

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