describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

What is the place?

When do you want to go?

With whom you want to go?

India is famous for its natural beauty in the world and every year thousands of tourists visit the nation to enjoy  the scenic view of nature . on one side if there are hilly areas where one could see greenery all around but on the other side there are plains of Rajasthan where one can see the beautiful old buildings made by the emperors of the time especially Mughals, but today I would like to talk about where I want to go in future and that is queen of hills, Shimla.

I want to go there in the coming winter vacations to enjoy the beautiful snowfall on the mountains because families always put restrictions on your enjoyment but with friends, you can enjoy fully. my uncle lives there and he always invited me to come there. he told me about the scenic beauty of nature. he also told me about some famous places like mall road Jakhu temple. there is always a rush of visitors on mall road every day. Jakhu temple is also worth seeing and it is a very old historic temple.

I decided to go with my friends because, in the past, I always went with my family. but now I want to spend time with my friends also because friends are also a part and parcel of our life.moreover, some of our school friends who have settled abroad would come from Canada in winter and they too insist me to go with I am planning in advance so that we have no difficulty when we would go there.I have also taken permission from my parents for this.


Q-1: why people prefer to visit hilly areas?

Ans: it is because of the beauty of hilly areas.there are tall trees and snowfall on the trees presents a scenic view of nature.moreover, there is less air pollution in these areas because of the availability of a large number of trees helps to decrees it.

Q-2: what is the difference of weather between hills and plains in summer?

Ans: there is a huge difference of weather between hill and summer the people residing in plains suffer from the scorching heat of the sun but on the other hand weather in hilly areas is very pleasant.this is the reason that people living in plains prefer to visit hilly areas in summer.

Q-3: what is the benefit of visiting a place with friends than family?

Ans: whether I like visiting a place with both either my family or my friends.but if we talk about one benefit visiting with friends is that one enjoyed the place without too many restrictions.moreover, all friends are of same age and there would be no difference between their likes and dislikes.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon


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describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

 describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

 describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

 describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

 describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

 describe a holiday you want to go on in future.

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