Talk About Something You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Talk about something you have borrowed from a friend. Please say

  • What do you borrow and when?
  • Who did you borrow it from?
  • Why did you borrow it?
  • And explain how you felt after borrowing it?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something You Have Borrowed from A Friend

It was two years ago when l was invited to my cousin’s wedding, and at that time l wasn’t working, so l was so stressed about what l was gonna put on that day. Putting in mind that the wedding was being held at a five-star hotel gave me unnecessary pressure to decide on what to put on. So l saw a picture of my best friend that she had posted on Instagram where she was putting on this other white classic off shoulder long dress. I then complimented the picture, and jokingly I said you should borrow me that dress next week. Then two days before the wedding, I went to her house, and she gave me the dress so that l try it before the big day. It came out nice, and she even recommended I put it on the day. On the day of the wedding, l received a lot of nice comments about how l looked in that dress, and it gave me the confidence to dance on the stage.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Question 1. What part of teaching children should parents be responsible for?

Answer- I would like to believe that parents should be responsible for teaching their children good manners, such as greeting elders and table manners.

Question 2. Should children learn how to share?

Answer- Yes, children should be taught this whilst at their tender age so that they grow up practising sharing as this shows caring.

Question 3. What is a good way to teach children to share things?

Answer- As most children learn from imitating their elders, it would be a good idea for those adults around them to start sharing so that they will be their role models and this way, it becomes easy for them to share as well.

Question 4. Do parents teach children to share in your country?

Answer- In general,l would say yes. I have noticed that in both rural areas and in towns, they are taught to share with those that don’t have, be it food or toys.

Question 5. What kind of things are children being asked to share

Answer- I’ll say a lot of things depending on the setting, some food, toys even clothing materials.

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