Describe a Job that You Would Not Like to Do

Describe a job that you would not like to do. Please say

  • What job is it?
  • How do you know about it?
  • Is it hard or easy to do?

Sample Answer of Describe a Job that You Would Not Like to Do

Well, everybody wants a job that offers him or her a handsome salary. Some people do jobs to earn well, and they want a social status in the society, and some do to get experience, and it may be their passion to work under someone. As for me, I would not like to do a job as a receptionist.

Though it needs good communication skills and is paid well in some companies; but, still it is not liked by me. It was the time when I was free from my study in the past. I thought about joining a job that was told to me by my bosom friend. Initially, I agreed, but with the passage of time, it seemed to be a tough one.

As it had long hours in spite of a huge salary. It would not give me a chance to grow my personality as I wanted to learn the French language simultaneously. But due to long hours, I was unable to do so, and I remained stressed. I don’t mean here I shirk the work, but I mean such long hours now and then make people dejected when they have no left time for them.

I spent my three months there, and now I feel if I had made the right decision to join a language course, it would have been better for me. But still, life teaches some lessons that I always welcome, and I think it is ideal for a person to accept every challenge of life by wearing a smile on their face.

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