describe a long car journey you went on ielts books

describe a long car journey you went on.

where you went?

with whom you went?

why you went by car?

why did you remember?

life is like a journey because a man comes on this earth and after spending time here he has to go from here.similarly during his stay on earth one moves from one place to I would like to talk about a long journey which I have from Moga to New Delhi.actually, my brother and his family are residing abroad.a few years ago my brother and his whole family were coming from abroad for the first time after settled brother has a newborn baby and we all were very excited to see him.

so we hired a big car and my father, mother and me went to Delhi international airport to receive them.we started our journey at 10 o clock because their flight was at 9 o clock in the evening.we reached rajpura at 12 o clock and had lunch there in a famous restaurant Sukhdev da Dhaba.after having lunch there we again started our was the first time that I went to Delhi airport for receiving them.

we went by car because my brother and his family were visiting for the first time to India.they have a lot of luggage with it was difficult for them to come by bus or train.another thing was my nephew was very younger so it was difficult for the family to have a long journey by transport.moreover we were all excited to see the new family member and want to give him a red carpet welcome.

at 9 o clock, their flight was landed at the airport.we were in the waiting room.after one an hour, they came out of the airport.we felt very happy after meeting them especially my nephew.he looked very cute.then we started our journey to come back to our home.we went to the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and took blessing from guru Granth Sahib.we ate lungar at Gurudwara Sahib premises.all were tired and slept in the car.when we woke up we already reached our was a pleasant journey for me.


Q-1: what is the importance of journey in a person’s life?

Ans: the journey has a great importance in a person’s is an important source of spending leisure time and gain important also helps in understanding the culture of other societies and create the sense of brotherhood in a person.

Q-2: what are the things which make a journey pleasurable?

Ans: the first and foremost thing is the availability of facilities like the companions, sources of transportation, the place where one visits.moreover the weather has also affected the journey to a great extent.

Q-3: what is the importance of a visit to a historical place?

Ans: it gives knowledge about the historical gives a chance to know about the rich and vast culture of the adds to the knowledge of a person about history.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon

M.A.(English)B.Ed., PGDCA.

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describe a long car journey you went on 

describe a long car journey you went on 

describe a long car journey you went on

describe a long car journey you went on


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