Nowadays the Eating Habits of People Around the World Are Changing: Writing Task 2

Nowadays the eating habits of people around the world are changing, causing them many health problems, including obesity. Why do people tend to eat so badly? What can be done to improve their eating habits?

Health and weight issues, mainly being overweight, are becoming common among most people because of changing food habits. I think this is because people eat junk food more frequently and do very little or no exercise. To stop this, the person needs to be more educated about healthy food, and the Government should increase the tax on unhealthy junk food. In the following essay, I will discuss my views on people’s changing eating habits and what should be done to improve that.

As We all know, ‘Health is wealth’, but to keep this wealth intact, we need to eat healthily and exercise. However, in recent years Life style of many individuals has been sedentary and also the concept of weekend parties and not cooking on weekends is in which is leading to many heart-related issues and obesity. Nowadays, chefs or cooks put cheese on every food so that it looks delicious, and people also get attracted more to unhealthy, fried junk food.

To prevent people from eating junk and direct them towards healthy food and lifestyle, first, we need to educate people about the correct way of eating. Chefs should try to invent some new healthy and tasty recipes simultaneously because one of the biggest reasons for eating junk food is taste.

At weekend parties, rather than ordering pizza online, people can try something like a putlog party in which every individual who is coming can cook something healthy and get it for everyone. Moreover, Government can also raise taxes on things which are unhealthy.

To conclude, Most health issues nowadays are because by unhealthy food and to prevent these health issues people need to change their lifestyle and try to eat more good food. Government can also help people by taxing unhealthy food.

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