Describe a Person in The News You Know

Describe a person in the news you know.

  • Who he or she is?
  • What did this person show up on TV for?
  • How do you know what this person is?
  • Why do you want to meet him or her?

Sample Answer of Describe a Person in The News You Know

I am a person who loves and like to read the news every day in the morning read a newspaper which is Sundays, and I like to read this newspaper because it includes lots of different kinds of news related to International newspaper and also local news here I would talk about the person whom I read about in the news, but I get to know about this person from this social media news on the YouTube channel The name of the person is Elon Musk he is a very big entrepreneur in the world now is famous for their involvement for there and work when all over the world recently he became more famous because of his wealth well now he is the world’s richest person of all cities present was it a sportsman he is there and his network is around 2:30 billion dollars he runs the domain 3 type of company which is called as a Tesla’s, Space X, Starlink. All media channel around the world who is covering him now because of his success and argument. I personally got to know about this person from the social media channel, which is called aj of Vivek Bindra, who made the video on famous entrepreneurship, so I watched his video related to Elon Musk. After he heard his lodge a lot of achievement, I like to meet him personally because I want a lot of information from him and I want to become I also want to become a good Businessman in my life.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person in The News You Know

Question 1:- Is all the news that’s available on social media reliable?

Answer- No, I don’t personally think that all the news covered by social media are reliable. Some news only For the offended To the people.

Question 2:- Differences in the way people received the news in the past and the way they do now.

Answer- I personally noticed a very big difference with the related to get news as the camera now as compared to past in the past people have only way to get news about the newspaper but and which is also costly, but nowadays we have a lot of ways to get news and also we have such you’re such ways to get news very instant messages social media And tv.

Question 3:- What kind of news does the media give more importance to?

Answer- Now, this media gives more importance to the news which contains people’s attractions, so they get more television dating points.

Question 4:- What type of people can be seen on TV? What is kind of people do the news usually report about?

Answer- Social media and news channels report people about which have a lot of audiences so they’re not audience so that load of the audience can see that there oh there TV channel also sometimes news channel make news channel McDonald news about famous celebrities and famous politician as well.

Question 5:- Do you think there is too much news about celebrities? What is your take on the news reports in recent years?

Answer- Yes I agree with this statement there is a lot of news related to celebrities are it is illegal, but these are showing nowadays on the ID news channel indeed it is general and I personally find it very interesting because we get to know about something beautiful celebrities what they can do in their time also how the becomes successful in the life.

Question 6:- Do you think negative information in the news can have a negative influence?

Answer- Yes, I personally believe that negative influence so many people in a negative way as in epitome me children’s skin nowadays so then scan now they show the criminal activities in the news channel so they can pursue criminal activities in the news channel so they can pursue chemistry in real life we can see a lot of incident in nowadays which is ready to communicate this incident and the main reason of this is negative news influence.

Question 7:- Why do people like negative news?

Answer- Some people like to watch negative news because they find interesting their twin Dave lios example some people like two negative news related to the criminal activity they like because they want to solve the problem related to crime, and also they find activity in negative news interesting.

Question 8:- What is usually in the news in your country?

Answer- News channels in my country give the news ready to different kinds of activity, and they give important news to the people to avoid the people related to criminal activities in and around us also give information about these famous people.

Question 9:- Do you believe everything said in the news?

Answer- No, I don’t touch 100% on the news channel because sometimes news channels show fake news to get television dating points to increase their basic income, but sometimes it is, I have to believe on the newspaper And the news channel.

Question 10:- Could superstars bring a positive influence on the public?

Answer- Your superstar could bring a lot of positive influence in public because they reach their success after a lot of dedication and hard work, so it influenced a lot of students and children to become successful and give dedication Towards their career.

Question 11:- How do you think the celebs in the news can influence adolescents?

Answer- Self in the news influences adolescents in a two way bad and good It depends on the adult sense which type of news Is a watch some type of content influence bad effect on the adolescents.

Question 12:- Are the stories about celebrities in the news always true? Is the news on celebrities mostly positive?

Answer- It depends on which news channels show the stories about these celebrities. Some fake news channels source stories of celebrities only for their benefit, and some news channels show the stories which are truly related to there and are truly related to celebrities.

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