Talk About a Fish Market You Visited

Talk about a Fish Market In Your Area or Talk about a fish market you visited

  • When it was?
  • Where you were?
  • What do you buy?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Fish Market You Visited

-Well is irrefutable that fishes are a major source of protein, omega three acid and other nutrients that our body need for its function. I like to fish, and my favourite is grilled tilapia
-Today, I will like to talk about a fish market I recently visited, which is none other than the cape coast fish market
-About two months ago, I attended a wedding of my cousin at cape coast in the central region of Ghana, which is also one of the early European settlements in Ghana dating back to 1450
-we needed to buy fish in bulk to prepare a traditional delicacy as part of the wedding menu, and where to make a bulk purchase a relatively low price is at the market
-I went there in the company of my cousin and we set off early in other to avoid traffic
-the market was already parked with fisher folks when we got there, and the fishermen had already returned from their fishing expeditions
-in fact, I must say it’s a bustling market
-we placed an order, and in no time, we got served. In fact, we wanted tilapia, and we got it exactly based on our specifications
– we were elated that we got want we wanted at a reasonable price
-one thing I didn’t like about the market was that it was unhygienic, and the smell there made me feel nauseated
-it was a good experience all together

Follow-ups of Talk About a Fish Market You Visited

Question 1:- What kind of markets are there in your country?

Answer- Well, Ghana is a diverse country; hence we have different types of markets. We range from fruits and vegetables, street markets, fish markets, livestock markets, malls and supermarkets and the likes.

Question 2:- What is the difference between shopping with friends and shopping alone?

Answer- I personally don’t have an eye for good things, and I don’t know how to snap up a bargain, so sometimes I get cheated, or I buy an inferior product, but with friends, it doesn’t happen because they mostly make the selection and talk. sometimes we enjoy the company whether we are just window shopping.

Question 3:- Do you think small markets will disappear in the future?

Answer- well, to my way of thinking, I don’t think small shops will not disappear because they provide our immediate needs and they are in close proximity to us. they are serving their purpose.

Question 4:- Have people’s shopping habits changed in recent years?

Answer- I think there is a drastic change in how people shop although some stick to the conventional way of shopping, especially those that aren’t techno-savvy but a large number of people opt for online shopping in recent times because it’s much easier and more convenient.

Question 5:- What are the differences between shopping in street markets and big shopping malls?

Answer- I think the major difference has to do with a bargain. In street shops, you can’t get the chance to strike a deal with the seller, but in big malls, it isn’t so. Also, in shopping malls, no one attends to you to explain or try to convince you to make a purchase, but in street malls, the people attend to you and explain the product to you.

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