Describe a Person Who Impressed You Most When You Were in Primary School

Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school

  • Who this person was
  • how you knew them
  • Why is person impressed you
  • how you feel about this person

Sample Answer of Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school

Wow, this person, in particular, makes me smile whenever I think about her. That was my friend Katy, and she was our head girl then. I met her the same day I resumed school, and she walked up to me, welcomed me calmly with a smile. I didn’t have a desk yet, so she offered I join her until I was assigned one by our class teacher. Our classmates found it difficult to believe Katy and I had just met for the first time. That action endeared her to me, and it is one of the best memories I have to date, and that is why she is still my favourite friend. She taught me how to be selfless and generous with people, even those who are not close to me.

I feel blessed to have known an amazing soul like Katy. Because of her hospitality to me, our families became cordial, and I always look forward to spending time with her and her family during weekends and when there’s any party or family function.

Follow ups of Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school

Question 1:- Are kids happier than adults?

Answer:- Absolutely, I feel kids are generally happier than adults because they have little or nothing to worry about. All they do is eat, cry and sleep. Life is beautiful. Kids are innocent and have no trauma to deal with, but adults, on the other hand, worry about everything, including kids. Life is not easy for everyone; while some people find things going on smoothly for them, others have it quite challenging and unpleasant. There are so many expectations in the lives of adults, some of which are unrealistic, and when not achieved, it makes people sad and sometimes leads to depression, anxiety and sadly, suicide.

Question 2:- Why do people always miss their childhood?

Answer:- People miss their childhood for different reasons. Basically, people miss the friendships they made, the good memories they had in their neighbourhood and the schools they attended. These are once in a lifetime beautiful memories that cannot be replaced most times.

Question 3:- Why do people still remember many of their friends from primary school?

Answer:- People still remember many of their friends from primary school because of the good times they had and the memories they created. We know change is inevitable, and ten friends cannot play together for ten years. As people grow up and part ways, they are bound to meet other people, things and situations that will, one way or another, bring back old memories, either good or bad.

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