Describe a Time When You Were Surprised to Meet a Friend.

Describe a time when you were surprised to meet a friend.

You should say:
Where it was?
Who did you meet?
When was it?
Why were you surprised?

Sample Answer of Describe a time when you were surprised to meet a friend.

Sample 1

Since my school days I have been friendly and have many friends and today I want to discuss one of the incidents when I got surprised by my best friend. Last month when I had been celebrating my birthday at a hotel in my hometown I saw my college mate with whom I did not meet for the last couple of years, I got shocked because I did not expect him to be there because he was out of town and even we are not in touch but he surprised me by giving a present. Later I feel glad to meet him and we shared our old memories and had dinner together.

Sample 2                           (IELTSData Twitter)

Well, it was my first date with my girlfriend whom I Loved so much till now. The first time to meet was in 2017. Of course, I could ask her out, but always my requestion were not successful. So, this time she finally gave me green lights towards scheduling a date. We went to a resort, and I arrived before, but I could call her frequently to ask where she had reached. and immediately she came I was over the moon to see her and hugged her. It was a fascinating moment for me since she is the only lady I have ever loved, which created a vivid memory.

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