Describe a person you know who loves to grow plants( vegetables, fruits, flowers)

Describe a person you know who loves to grow plants( vegetables, fruits, flowers)

  • Who is this person?
  • What does this person grow?
  • Where did this person grow them?
  • Why does this person love to grow plants?

Sample: Describe a person you know who loves to grow plants( vegetables, fruits, flowers)

During the coronavirus pandemic, Gardening is the most popular hobby. I know many people who are doing Gardening as a hobby cum profession. Here I would like to talk about a person who is very fond of Gardening, and he is my grandfather.

Professionally, he was an agricultural officer at Panjandrum Agriculture University, Ludhiana, which is in the northern region of India. After retirement, he started doing Gardening at home.

Moreover, he had a vast knowledge of plants. Our house has a big yard in the backyard. Due to being more spacious along with a watering facility, it is convenient to grow plants in an open space. He also planted flowers, fruits, and vegetables, such as roses, daisies, marigolds, sunflowers, oranges, apples, lemons, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

He even grows all his plants by himself and converts the yard into a kitchen garden because It is easy to pluck fresh vegetables and fruits during the pandemic. Most farmers use many chemical supplements and pesticides these days, but my grandfather never used any chemical products. Products from plants are purely organic.

Also, organic products are in high demand. As a result, it is expensive. I think it is the most fruitful part for a gardener.

Follow-up Questions

Question 1: Do people in India like to gift plants?

Answer:- Well, there is less of a trend to give plants to pupils as a present on their special occasions because others like to take other things such as electronic gadgets, clothing, toys, and so on as these things are very expensive. People give gifts to impress society by showing their living standards, and they do not want to embarrass themselves in front of them. So they do not like to give plants as gifts.

Question 2: What kind of plants do people like to grow in their homes?

Answer:- Mostly, individuals love to grow plants like flowers, fruits, and vegetables because these are inexpensive, organic, and even fresh. In today’s busy environment, no one wants to go to the market to buy fruits or vegetables. Eventually, it is easy to pluck the fruits and flowers. It also looks beautiful in front of the house.

Question 3: What are the differences between traditional and modern agriculture?

Answer:- There is a huge difference between modern and traditional agriculture. In the modern era, numerous techniques and technologies are used to irrigate crops. But in the traditional agriculture system, there was no use of machinery such as cultivators, tractors, etc. In the past system, pesticides and chemical substances were not used to increase productivity, but now, many pesticides and chemical compounds are used to incline production.

Question 4: Do you think farming is essential?

Answer:- To be honest, India has productive agricultural land.70%of the population is dependent upon agriculture. So most people do farming to feed their families. Also, 60-70% of goods are imported to other countries by India. The climate is very good for growing different crops. So, in my opinion, farming is a must.

Question 5: What do you think of the job of a farmer?

Answer:- In contrast with other types of jobs, farming is much more difficult. As in all major jobs, there is a time limit. For instance, the job of a banker is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. But the farmer’s job timing is beyond boundaries. There is no exact time to cultivate the land. Also, it depends on rainfall density. In my opinion, the toughest job is a farmer’s job.

Question 6: How do people feel when they eat vegetables that they grew on their own?

Answer:- Many people like to eat vegetables and fruits which are grown themselves. There are tremendous reasons behind this. First and foremost, it is organic and is grown without any chemical substances. Secondly, the vegetables are fresher and juicy than the market’s vegetables. Moreover, these are expensive and easily available from the market.

Question 7: Do people like to grow vegetables in your country?

Answer:- Of course, people prefer to grow vegetables and fruits on their own because vegetables that are grown in our kitchen garden are cheap and it is a favorable thing to pass the time. Also, it is the beauty of our home. Eventually, it cures a lot of diseases when we eat them raw or in baked form. Neither these are dangerous nor harmful to our health.

Question 8: Do you think climate change is influencing food production in any way?

Answer:- Definitely, yes, the productivity of crops depends upon the weather. There are many regions where the growth of crops depends on rainfall. For example, the production of chickpea crops increases when there is good rainfall or water arrangement. This is especially true in Rajasthan in the northern part of India. It is perfectly said when there is a good climate, productivity inclines.

Question 9: How will technology and scientific improvements affect food production?

Answer:- Technology plays a vital role in increasing the production of crops. Various agricultural universities are researching further development of agricultural technology and their equipment to raise the quality and quantity of agricultural products. Scientists also do experiments on new techniques for better production of crops.

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