Describe a Place in A Village that You Visited

Describe a place in a village that you visited

  • Where is it?
  • When do you visit this place?
  • What do you do there?
  • And how do you feel about this place?

Sample Answer of Describe a Place in A Village that You Visited

Currently, I am in an urban city. It is very rare when I would have visited any village, but I remember during my childhood I visited a village named that. The place is famous for its greenery, and there is a famous Sikh temple over that place. Talhan has very less population and pollution and is far away from city Jalandhar say 20kms. I visited the Sikh temple as it is of religious importance. I felt very calm and composed after visiting the temple. Nearby to the temple, there are lots of cultivated plants and trees which you rarely find in the city. I have visited the place along with my loved ones, and seeing the natural greenery and healthy environment made us delighted. The birds were chirping around all over the place. Also, the houses were made with soil and bricks as they were in the past. People in that area were very humble and supportive. I felt very joyful after visiting the Village, and I think once in w while we should go to the Village to Know our roots and enjoy the natural and clean air.

Follow-ups of Describe a Place in A Village that You Visited

Question 1:- Do young people enjoy living in the countryside?

Answer- Well, I think people enjoy a lot living in rural areas. Although these areas are lacking with modern facilities, the means of entertainment is not less there.

Question 2:- People play sports, talk with old age people, stay cooperatively.

Answer- Quality of life, in my opinion, is better in the towns.

Question 3:- What can be done to improve life in rural areas?

Answer- To improve perhaps some modern facilities and infrastructure should be built in like healthcare and theatres so that people should not move to metros to get those facilities.

Question 4:- Does the government pay more attention to rural areas or urban areas?

Answer- In my country India, the government gives preference to urban areas as more population resides in urban areas. Therefore, these areas need more employment opportunities and facilities.

Question 5:- What is the importance of travelling?

Answer- Travelling is a very integral part of our life. We should travel more often to explore the beauty of this planet.

Question 6:- What places do you want to visit in future?

Answer- I would like to visit American and European countries in future as they have different cultures and traditions than India.

Question 7:- What type of places do you recommend people to visit on vacation?

Answer- I would suggest people places close to nature and places with natural beauty.

Question 8:- Do old people prefer to live in the countryside or in the city?

Answer- Old people prefer to stay in the countryside as they are connected to their roots and childhood place. City life is very fast-moving, and people hardly find time to talk with old people.

Question 9:- Why do many people move from small towns to big cities?

Answer- To have a better life, facilities, healthcare, education and employment opportunities.

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