Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

 You should say

  • When and where it happened,
  • Why you were surprised,
  • Who gave this surprise to you,
  • Why you felt about it afterwards

Sample Answer of Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Today l am going to talk about the day my friend in the Uk sent me a Hauwei 32g memory cellphone. It was towards the end of July this year that l received a message in the small cellphone that l was using, informing me l was supposed to collect my parcel at the local post office. Why l am going to label this one as a surprise is because Lorna never gave me a heads up that l was going to receive such a gift from her, and she was heaven sent at that moment cause l had lost the old one l was using the previous weekend. Since l was not expecting anything from anyone, l was curious to find out what it was that l had received, so l rushed to the post office the following morning without wasting any more time; l was quickly assisted and got my parcel. To say the least, l was dumbfounded when l revealed the contents of the parcel. Even when l called my friend, l was at a loss for words. Cause dor me, getting a new cellphone, especially the brand and size that she had sent me, meant l had to save for four months before l could purchase one in my country, and since l was practising for my IELTS exams, virtually all the stuff l was referring to l got it from the net, sol had no better words to thank her since she had come along and saved my day.

Follow-ups Describe a Pleasant Surprise You Had

Question 1. Why do friends meet up?

Answer – Friends get together for different reasons, for example, reunions after college life are one of the many reasons, as they want to reminisce on the good old days that they probably had in college, sometimes it’s a way of showing off how much they have achieved since the last time they were together.

Question 2. Are there any meetings that people need to plan in advance?

Answer – Yes definitely, l think almost all meetings need to be planned well ahead of time, because of the reason that when people sit to talk they need a venue if people do not agree on a venue the whole day may be spent with people going round in circles to find meeting point they might also need food and drink to cater for the people attending so, without proper planning you will be found wanting on the day in question.

Question 3. Are there any jobs related to unexpected things?

Answer – That would be a difficult one, but l believe jobs some illegal jobs that involve stealing like a Robbery end up with unexpected events like maybe the death of people through shooting.

Question 4. Do unexpected things lead to progress in our society?

Answer – Well, most of the unexpected events l can think of lead to regression in the economy of a country or society. For example, natural disasters are not planned for most of the time, and it will cost societies a lot of time and money to restore their lives to normalcy.

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