Describe a Popular Musical Instrument in Your Country

Describe a Popular Musical Instrument in Your Country

  • What It Is
  • How Is It Played
  • What Sort of Music It Can Play?

Numerous instruments have been invented and played in India, but the guitar 🎸 has gained tremendous popularity these days for many reasons. I would like to share it briefly with you.

The guitar instrument has six strings and is played with both hands by strumming and plucking the strings. Three types of guitars have come into the market: acoustic, electric, and classical. Each guitar has its own sound, which can be solo, acoustic, or electric.

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Nowadays, acoustic guitars have become incredibly popular because one can easily play them anywhere without any special needs like an electric guitar requires, such as an amplifier, speaker, or electricity 🔌. The voice of an acoustic guitar is so sweet that everyone likes it the most.

It has become especially popular among the younger generation. Every youngster starting his career in the music line considers this instrument because it does not need any special place to play. It is easy to carry, and its music is featured in almost every music piece. It comes in various sizes, from 2 ft to 4 ft.

The solo guitars are mainly used to give solo music. Its sound is not so loud, so a mic is needed to record its sound. Thus, it cannot be played just anywhere, as the availability of electricity is a must for it.

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Therefore, the acoustic guitar is much better than any other, and it is really becoming more and more popular all over India. According to me, the guitar is a perfect instrument for those who want to start their career in the music line because of its popularity, affordable price, and versatility.

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