Describe a Recent Sporting Event You Have Attended

Describe a Recent Sporting Event You Have Attended

  • what kind of sporting event it was
  • when you attended it
  • what you did there & who was with you
  • and explain whether you consider this event to be interesting.

Sample Answer of Describe a Recent Sporting Event You Have Attended

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue card topic. As I am big fan of cricket game, I never loose watching any match on Television which is held at international places. But once I got a chance to watch it live. I would like to share that moments briefly with you.

It was about a few months ago when the IPL series was started. One of the IPL match was held in the stadium of Mohali, India. Fortunately, I just gave my final exams and had holidays from the school. So, I decided to go there and watch this match. I took a permission from parents and made a plan to go there with my school friends. We were 4 friends went to watch this match. We reached 2 hours before the match. We took some snacks and beverages and took our reserved seats.

A few time later, the match starts, all the stadium filled with motivated voices. All India was so optimistic regarding this match because it was in between India & Pakistan. India performed in an awesome way as it surpassed the Pakistan with 60 runs at the end. We enjoyed a lot this match. When the India won, all Indian came in the ground and we all danced with full motivation. This was an awesome time for all of us as we watched an awesome performance of India in our first visit to watch our favourite sporting event.

Describe a recent sporting event you have attended IELTS cue cards

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