Describe a Worth Enjoying Theatrical Performance IELTS Cue Cards

Describe a worth enjoying theatrical performance IELTS cue cards

  • What the performance was about?
  • Where does it take place?
  • How fine the acting and plot were?
  • and explain why it was worth watching and enjoying the theatrical performance.

I love to watch theatrical drama plays. So I watched so many drama plays during my school period. But the drama play on the story of Heer & Ranjha was so amazing than all. I would like to talk about it briefly.

In the school times, it was performed by our class students in the fresher party at college. Heer & Ranjha were true lovers. Ranjha had waited 12 years for Heer. Even he started working in his home so that he could meet with her. But at last, he was killed by Heer’s brothers.

Our class students awesomely performed this drama. They just looked real. Their performances, fave expressions were just like real. So many people from outside had come to our school to attend the program. They all enjoyed their performances and at the end, the whole environment was filled with the noise of clapping as everyone was so happy with their performance.

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Some judges came to our school to judge our students’ activities. They all became so happy too. Even they gave them prizes for the best performance. I also enjoyed so much this drama play and I can’t forget it in my life.

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