Describe a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Describe a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

  • where you go
  •  when you go there
  •  why you go there
  •  and explain why you do not like this trip

Sample Answer of Describe a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Well, this incident is very close to my heart as I precisely remember in 2019 December my father met with an accident. He attained a very severe brain stroke, and because of that deadly brain stroke, his left body was paralyzed, to be precise left part of the body that means left hand or left leg like that I stay in Ahmedabad.

My father stays back in my hometown, 200 kilometres away from Ahmedabad, because of such illness. I had to travel every weekend because my mother does not know many things about general things and how to operate in the bank, so to help her, I travel every weekend usually.

I travel by train where I do not find any bookings so I have to stand for three or four hours continuously till I reach to my hometown which is very stressful to my body as well as to my mind I’m doing this for my family and my mother because in this crucial condition they need some mental support and I’m the one who is taking the responsibility for all of them as an elder brother.

So I don’t mind travelling on the train for another half year. Still, I hope that my struggle and my stressful journeys will pay some ripe fruits in future well to add hear my father is improving really well after his illness. Still, I wouldn’t say I like the journeys I had, and to be very specific, I’m doing right now via train to my hometown.

Follow-ups Talk about a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Question 1. Do Indian people like to travel abroad?

Answer – Well, if I talk about older people who do not like to travel abroad, they basically like to stay back in their villages to relax and have some leisure time. In contrast, if I talk about the young generation’s journey, they are really fascinated to travel abroad and visit different countries and cultures.

Question 2. How much time do you think people should spend on a trip abroad?

Answer – It depends if a person is planning a vacation then a week-long vacation will suffice for any country that is what I think though I have not visited many overseas countries that’s my personal view

Question 3. Who prefers travelling abroad, the young or the old?

Answer – As I mentioned earlier generation age people generally do not like to travel abroad if I tell you the truth they do not like to travel in their country also they like to sit back in their villages or their urban centres and relax and have some leisure time while millennials these days are really thrilled to travel abroad because nowadays it is straightforward to get admissions and get jobs in overseas countries, so they’re really excited to try those opportunities

Question 4. Which is better for knowing more about a country travelling or reading books about it?

Answer – Well I think reading about a specific country doesn’t give you a hands-on experience or you cannot experience the atmosphere and the ambience of the place by reading so I think travelling has more importance. However, I really think that the individual should always gather some information by reading relevant books and online articles before visiting.

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