Farm Animals & Wild Animals Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Farm Animals & Wild Animals Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Farm Animals & Wild Animals Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Question 1. What farm animals do you have in your country?

Answer – In our country, we had several farm animals. Most of them are domestic, and very few of them are wild animals. Cows, goats, Bulls, Ox, and pigs are farm animals meantime, horses, camels and donkeys are used as farming, but they are wild animals.

Question 2. Do you think farm animals are important?

Answer – Definitely. At the time of ancient civilization, animals were used as farm animals. They do not have any mechanical or machinery support at that time. In the twenty-first century, one-third of farmers still practice the support of farm animals.

Question 3. How are these animals used? OR In what ways are animals used in agriculture in your country?

Answer – Animals were used by agriculture in numerous ways, like ploughing, watering and manure. Farmers from remote areas still approach different types of animals for farming.

Question 4. Do you think raising farm animals is important?

Answer – For me raising animal farms is significant because it helps protect and entertain certain animals. It is a source of income, and it helps to breed numerous types of animals.

Question 5. What’s the most famous wild animal from your country?

Answer – The most famous wild animal in my country is the Bengal tiger. Bengal tiger is ferocious and cold-blooded. Besides, it is our national animal.

Question 6. What’s your favourite wild animal (from your country)?

Answer – My favourite wild animal is the leopard. As leopard is very aggressive and behaves like a cat. Moreover, the golden and black hair colour helps them to hide from other predators and animals. Definitely, these blending colours are incredible.

Question 7. Do you like to watch TV programs about wild animals?

Answer – Of course, from childhood itself, I am fond of watching different animal TV programs. These programs provide end-to-end knowledge about animals. Channels like national geography, History, animal planet, and discovery are few examples.

Question 8. Did you learn something about wild animals at school?

Answer – Yes. In the higher grades, subjects like zoology offer ideas regarding animals and their living systems. I was inquisitive about learning about animals and their systems at that time.

Question 9. Where can you see wild animals?

Answer – We can see animals in forests, animal zoos and also on different TV channels. But keep in mind that all of these animals are unpredictable and dangerous. Without taking any serious precautions, we are not able to interact with them.

Question 10. In which country do you think you can see many wild animals?

Answer – As per my knowledge, countries like Botswana and South Africa are the two famous countries with wild animal diversity. Most of the wild species are popular in these countries.

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