Describe a Skill That You Would Like to Teach Others

Describe a skill that you would like to teach others (other than drawing, cooking or writing); Please say

– What is it?
– Whom would you like to teach?
– Why did you choose this skill?
– And explain why this skill is beneficial.

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill That You Would Like to Teach Others (Other Than Drawing, Cooking or Writing)

During the lockdown, I was stuck at home, and I joined an online course for web page creation; I have completed that approach, and now I am helping my husband with his project. My friend “Nithya” told me she wants to learn ‘how to create a webpage”. She also has a software background because she has earned her bachelors in technology. She wants to brush up on that. We have started our class through teams and daily 2 hrs we spend for that. This skill would be beneficial for her because she is applying for software fields. That time she can add on these skills in her profile, and it highlights her profile.

Follow-ups Describe a Skill That You Would Like to Teach Others (Other Than Drawing, Cooking or Writing)

Question 1 What are the necessary qualities to be a good teacher?

Answer – Firstly, a teacher should have the patience to explain the concepts again and again. The teachers should have good communication skills, and they need to understand how to teach in simple words.

Question 2 Can anyone become a teacher?

Answer – No, the person who has a great passion for teaching can only become a good teacher.

Question 3 Is it necessary to have a teacher to learn something?

Answer – Yes, it is imperative to have a teacher learn new updates and knowledge in their teaching field.

Question 4 Do you think a teacher should use humour to teach?

Answer – Yes, I think teachers should employ the use of humour while teaching. It improves the relationship between teachers and students, and students feel comfortable discussing their doubts and problems with their teacher.

Question 5 Do you think the environment plays a significant role in teaching?

Answer – Yes, the environment plays a vital role in teaching. The students always want to study in a quiet place. They don’t like any sounds while they were listening; it deviates them from their studies.

Question 6 Is the current education system failing to keep up with the change in society, in your opinion?

Answer – Yes, of course. Most of the syllabus is updated. The syllabus does not include social relevant topics. Even for the information technology still, they are doing practical on old windows version.

Question 7 Do you think Artificial Intelligence can replace a teacher?

Answer – No, artificial intelligence cannot replace a teacher. Maybe a mathematical problem can be easily solved by an AI system. But the difficulties in their studies can only be realised with a teacher’s help because the student’s emotions would not convey through this technology.

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