Write a Letter of Invitation to a Friend for a Special Celebration

Write a letter of invitation to a friend for a special celebration. In your letter include

An invitation for your friend
What the festival is about
Travel and accommodation suggestions

Dear Aarav,

I hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the greatest of spirits. I am writing this letter regards to, rejoice the occasion of the Onam celebration with my family members. In this pandemic condition, it is not easy and secure that, travelling from Kerala to Punjab for a short holiday. Most of the universities may be closed for a ten-day holiday so, under these circumstances, you can stay in my home and enjoy the Onam holidays with my closed ones.

These celebrations had numerous relations with our culture and rituals. Ten days long celebrations without any limits. Moreover, it is an excellent occasion for flowers, songs, and culinary diversity in dishes called Sadhya. Apart from this, all family members wear attires and share joyful moments with friends and family members. I firmly believe that it may take unforgettable moments in your life and a chance to understand the ethnic heritages of our life.

I can pick you from the college hostel on the closing day, that is 18/08/21. We can travel by car and trout the journey we can enjoy the greenery of my land and taste some street foods. In addition, you can stay with me in my home, which may be the most excellent chance to understand our hospitality.

I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours lovingly,

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