Describe a special trip you would like to go in the future

Describe a Special Trip You Would Like to Go in the Future

  • where would you go
  • who would be with you
  • when are you planning to take this trip
  • and explain why you want to take this trip and why this is special to you.  

Sample Answer of Describe a Special Trip You Would Like to Go in the Future

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue card topic. As there are number of beautiful places in India where every Indian has a dream to visit and spend his vacations. I also have a list of numerous places where I want to visit in my life.

And The name of Manali in this list is above than all. I would like to describe it briefly. Manali is the beauty of India which is situated in Himachal hills at the north region of India.

Its natural and magical look attracts everyone as it provides spiritual peace along with physical peace. Due to its awesome attractions, the government has made it a tourism place and now people from different cities often visit there in their free time and enjoy the real peace of life.

Even I went there so many times but I don’t get bored from that place. I already decide to go there with my school friends because after going for higher studies, it have been a long time that I don’t meet with my school friends.

So, I want to go their with them so that I can get dual advantage. By going with them, I can enjoy that place and also I can make my school memories fresh. We already discuss with each other about this trip and final a date to go their in this summer. I know it will be best trip for me.

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