Describe a Stressful Day at School Or University Work

Describe a Stressful Day at School Or University Work 

  • How the day started?
  • How things went wrong?
  • What you did to reduce the stress?
  • and explain why it was a stressful day.

Sample Answer of Describe a Stressful Day at School Or University Work ?

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue card topic. I have various school memories which makes my childhood memorable. But like every rose has its thorns, I have some negative memories too.

I would like to describe it briefly.It was about a time when I studied in 10th standard. One day I felt my bad luck throughout the day. At morning, I got late to wake up for which I got late for the school.

For getting late, I had to take punish from the teacher in which I had to stand outside of the class. Then, while playing at lunch time in the ground, I fell on the ground and got injury on my knees. It pained a lot.

After the lunch time, I thought that I had a test of mathematics when teacher said about it in exam. I felt wonder and annoying because it happened first time when I forgot about the test.

I got just 4 marks out of 20 for which my complaint was said to my parents by the teacher. I felt so annoying to face all  these problems in one day. That day, life seemed so difficult for me. I prayed to god not to send me this type of day again.

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