Describe a Piece of Clothing You Have That Was Given

Describe a Piece of Clothing You Have That Was Given by Someone

  • what it was
  • who gave it to you
  • when you got that
  • and say whether you liked this piece of clothing or not.  

Sample Answer of Describe a Piece of Clothing You Have That Was Given by Someone


Thanks to give me such an interesting cue card topic. In India, it is tradition that at the wedding time, every relative comes with some pieces of clothes for all family. At my brother’s marriage, I also got some pairs of shirts and pants. I would like to talk about that moments briefly.It was about a 3 years ago at the time of my brother’s marriage. We organised a big party at invited all of our relatives. Every relatives came with some gifts and pairs of clothes for each member of our family.


Generally these clothes are not good to wear as there are so many cheap material available to give people in these occasions. But one of my relative came with branded clothes because they knew my choice. It was an Armani suit. I became so happy so see that. Because due to having all program’s responsibilities on me, I didn’t have any time to go for shopping. And I was sad for this. But when I saw this dream I got so happy because it was just like my planning to wear in the marriage.

So, I decided to wear it in marriage. It was looking so nice and fit on me as everyone praised me that I am looking beautiful in this suit. I was so happy because my relative has helped me to wear my favourite suit. Without them, I didn’t have any idea whether I will have a time to buy it or not.

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