Describe a Sportsperson in Your Country That You Admire

Describe a Sportsperson in Your Country That You Admire

  • who is the person?
  • what are his/her achievements?
  • why do you admire him/her?

Sample Answer of Describe a Sportsperson in Your Country That You Admire

sports play an important role in every part of the world.many countries have achieved great success in this format like USA, China, England, Japan, and India.every country is famous for its specific sports .India is famous for the game of there are a number of players who are famous not only in India but all over the world.i like many players but among them, my most favourite player whom I admire is Sachin Tendulkar. he is a legend and known as the god of cricket in Indian cricket.he is also known as the little master, master blaster.

he started playing cricket at the age of 16.he played his first cricket match in international format is in Islamabad, Pakistan against Pakistan cricket one knows at that time about his talent but he stunned everyone when he hit a century against Pakistan.after that he never looked back.he has the record of maximum hundreds in international cricket.he has also the record of maximum half-centuries in international cricket.he has many other records also.

I admire him because, in spite of being a star, he is a deep to earth person.he is known for his honesty, cool and calm behaviour, tolerance power.many times umpires gave him out by giving wrong decisions against him but he never complained about them and accepted it.he is a sociable person and always trying to do social work whenever he gets a chance.he has also won many national and international sports awards.he is also appointed as the Rajya Sabha member by the government of India and he always raised issues of sports in Indian parliament for welfare of it.he has taken retirement from Indian cricket few years ago and now he devoted himself fully to serve the nation.


Q-1: what is the role of sports in a country?

Ans-sports have a great role to play in the economy of a gives name and fame not only to the players but to the country also.a person can highlight the name of his country all over the world via his game.

Q-2: is the technology brought changes in sports?

Ans: yes, definitely technology brought about changes in sports.for instances, in the game of cricket, there are huge changes like the entry of the third umpire to take tough decisions which were unable to take for the first umpire in an earlier time.

Q-3: what role sports could play in the life of a sportsperson?

Ans: sports could play a crucial role in the life of a could give name and fame not only to a person but to the country also.a person could adopt sports as his could also help him to keep himself fit and healthy.

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