Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Describe a story someone told you and you remember.

  • What was the story about?
  • Who told you this story?
  • Why did you remember it? And how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Although we hear numerous stories from childhood onwards from grandparents and from parents as well as from friends, I would like to depict one specific story which I remember till now.

The story is entirely about the history of trees and forest land. Even though everyone is interested in growing novice plants nowadays and each plant does have specific medicinal values. My grandfather told me this forest story, and this is not only a story but also the value of our environment.

I remember this kind of story because even now, without plants, humans cannot survive, and it is related to nature, and I am a kind of nature lover.

After hearing that story during my schooling time, I just felt over the moon, and I am glad to share it with my next generation also.

Follow-ups of Describe a Story Someone Told You and You Remember

Question 1:- Has storytelling changed over a period of time?

Answer- Obviously, in the past stories were really fascinating and grandparents or even others used to say with patience, but nowadays no one is interested in telling stories as well as listening.

Question 2:- Which way is better, traditional storytelling or the use of technology in storytelling?

Answer- I believe traditional storytelling is better rather than using advanced technology because physical storytelling is quite a different way of teaching. Teaching standards will not be there in the use of technology virtually.

Question 3:- Do you think that generally, most people are good at storytelling?

Answer- Of course not, Because my grandparents are good at storytelling than my parents because my parents don’t tell a complete story with illustrations in real life like my grandparents

Question 4:- What makes storytelling effective?

Answer- If they are telling stories along with examples and comparisons with real-life, then it will be a more effective way.

Question 5:- Is it important to tell stories?

Answer- Well, it depends on the person’s perspective. If everyone is interested in listening, then it acts as part and parcel, else boring for others.

Question 6:- Is reading books beneficial or watching documentaries better?

Answer- Honestly speaking, watching documentaries is far better than reading books because I majorly indulge in watching rather than reading.

Question 7:- Do young children like the same stories as older children?

Answer- Of course, no, because after the generation gap, they do expect a different kind of story because their way of behaving and knowledge is quite different.

Question 8:- How has technology changed storytelling?

Answer- Technology advancement has changed a lot in the way of storytelling. There are animations included, and they are attractive for the younger ones to listen to more.

Question 9:- How do people tell stories to children?

Answer- People nowadays tell stories by reading books and explaining the entire story during bedtime, and some people often do play on tv rather than explain them.

Question 10:- Why do children like stories?

Answer- Children are fascinated by stories; not only little ones but also adolescents are also interested in stories because after listening to stories, they can imagine more when they are alone.

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