Describe a Thing You Did to Learn Another Language

Describe a thing you did to learn another language

  • What language did you learn?
  • What did you do?
  • How does it help you learn the language?
  • And how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Thing You Did to Learn Another Language

A few years back, I was posted to the northern part of the country for an official assignment which was slated to last for two years. Most people living in this part of the world belong to another tribe which is totally different from mine. Therefore, they speak a language called Hausa which I don’t understand at all; consequently, I had to learn it so I could communicate effectively there because the work I was appointed to carry out requires that I interact closely with people Who can only be possible if I communicate better. In order to learn this language, I had to attend tutorial classes for Hausa speaking for two months. Although I was unable to understand advanced Hausa, the lessons helped me to understand the basics of Hausa and communicate well during my stay. Therefore I am so glad about the learning process because new skill has been added to my skills.

Follow-ups of Describe a Thing You Did to Learn Another Language

Question 1:- What difficulties do people face when learning a language?

Answer- people are faced with the problem of getting a good tutor that will teach them a new language so as to speak like a native speaker, and also it is also difficult for many people to reinforce the new language with their local tongue.

Question 2:- At what age should children start learning a foreign language?

Answer- Foreign languages should be offered as a subject in primary schools so that children can learn as early as age 6.

Question 3:- Which skill is more important speaking or writing?

Answer- Speaking and writing skills are essential skills that everyone must have; therefore, none is less important because both are inseparable.

Question 4:- Do you think language learning is important? Why?

Answer- Language is the major tool by which people communicate. Hence it is important to social relationships because, without it, it is impossible to relate with one another.

Question 5:- Which is better, to study alone or to study in a group? Why?

Answer- Personal study is better than group study because everyone does not assimilate at the same rate; therefore, it is preferable to study alone.

Question 6:- What’s the best way to learn a language?

Answer- The best way to learn a language is to get a tutor to teach someone the language; although watching online videos on the language could be effective, it is never the best.

Question 7:- Does a person still need to learn another language if he is good at English?

Answer- Learning other languages apart from English should be optional, but understanding more than one language will make someone’s vast.

Question 8:- Do you think minority languages will disappear?

Answer- Almost every society values its local language. Therefore I don’t think minority languages will disappear.

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