You Have Recently Bought a Telephone with An Answering Machine from An Online Shop

You have recently bought a telephone with an answering machine from an online shop. The web page said that the answering machine shows you a list of who left a message so you can choose which to play first. But after taking it home you find out that only the most recent call is kept on the call list. Write an email letter to the store manager, In your email

  • -Say who you are
  • – Explain the problem
  • -Say what action you would like the store to take

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Vinoth Ramesh who recently purchased your company telephone along with an answering machine today. I am writing this letter to you to express my dissatisfaction with the answering machine.

I ordered this item concerning your contents mentioned in a webpage that, answering machine could display all list of messages irrespective of time and user can select it based on priority. Despite showing all messages, it displays only the recent ones. In addition, I tested this product by sending around 10 messages from different devices. However, this device lists only 3 messages and the remaining ones are automatically deleted.

Due to this problem with the answering machine, I would like to return this product along with the telephone. Furthermore, I would like to suggest you refund the amount for this product whether as cash or transfer it to my bank account directly. Also, I expect any salesperson to come and collect this product from my home.

I would be grateful if you take early action on this.

Yours faithfully,

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