Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend

Describe a time when you helped a Friend. You should say
When was it?
How you helped him/her?
Why you helped him/her?
And how you felt about it?

Well, giving and taking help tells how much care and concern one have towards another person. I always love to help people whenever they want. Here I would like to talk about a time when I helped my friend with his school project.

I vividly remember it was almost 6 years ago when we were in graduation. He got a project in which he has to use live information and examples. And he got only a week to complete this work. Initially, he was very underconfident and confused about how to get live data. Then he called me and told me about his project.

I started analyzing, and I suggest he make questionnaires to get live information. He asked me to help as he knew that I have a great grip on making papers. After that, I started surfing on the internet to make a questionnaire, and I made 20 questions for collecting data. And simultaneously, he made project reports and PowerPoint. Finally, he completed his project a day before submission. On the day of the presentation, he seems much confident, and after giving his presentation, everyone praises his work.

After giving his presentation, he came to me to thank me. I felt glad because everyone liked the data which I have chosen for that project.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend

Question 1: How do people usually help each other?

There are ample ways to helping others. Some people do help as social worker, as well as some individuals, like to help people who they know very well.

Question 2: How is online help different from real-life help?

There is a huge difference in both in real life help people do something for another human by themself. On the other hand, online help people search for such things on the internet or provide help to needy people through their link.

Question 3: Should schools be responsible for teaching students how to cooperate?

Well, school play a huge role in inculcating pupils in each sector. But according to my parents and school, both are equally responsible for teaching students how to cooperate.

Question 4: What are the differences between help from friends and help from family?

There is a huge difference in help from friends and family. Family always take a stand in good and bad as well as they help financially and morally. On the other hand, friends help mentally; they always inspire to take risk in life.

Question 5: Do you like helping others?

Definitely Yes! I love to help other people; whenever I found someone needy, I try to help them how much it is possible at my end.

Question 6: Are people helpful nowadays?

Well, Nowadays people become more introverted there are various reasons behind this like some people after getting the help they started abusing rather than praising them.

Question 7: Can people trust others easily in current times?

Definitely not! Because nowadays people take to get up as a needy person and harm others, and sometimes they snatch their things on knifepoint like cash and gold stuff.

Question 8: What do you think is the reason behind people’s not helping behaviour?

Well, there are ample reasons to help others. The first and foremost reason is trust issues. Another reason is there is a mafia behind this who work to loot people.

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