Describe a Time When You Saw a Wild Animal

Describe a time when you saw a wild animal

What it looked like?

When I was younger, I went to a local zoo with my school students, where I got an opportunity to see wild animals. I first saw  Lion. It was very large, and it was residing in between two large rocks. It is in large cases, and when I see that, it is roaring very high.

Where did you see it?

As I said, as part of our school excursion, we went to a local Jew there. I have seen this Lion along with the lion. I have seen a lot of other wild animals like tiger Bear dear and elephants as well.

What does it like to eat or do?

When I see a lion, it is having its food; some zoo organizers or maybe caretakers of the lion are serving food. I guess it’s meat. They are serving water also it is a fearful experience for me because I have seen a lion first time live because I would like to Watch National Geographic Channel where programs related to Lions and pride of Lions and all but when you see line live you’ll get goosebumps, which Happened the same to me.

Why did you like it?

As I said that I am very interested in watching a National Geographic channels programs related to the lion and wild animals and all so when I see lion, I was very happy to see live. The main thing I like about the lion is like it is the King of the jungle.

Part 3 Follow-Ups of Describe a Time When You Saw a Wild Animal

Question 1:- Besides the animal, you only spoke concerning what alternative wild animals are in your country (or around wherever you live)?

As I said that we have different kinds of animals like leopard, Tiger elephant bear, deer giraffe in some of the zoos, you can find these different wild animals In my country.

Question 2:- In general, how do people in your country feel about wild animals?

In my country people will feel in a different way like someone worship the wild animal’s someone used to hunt a wild animal for parts, someone used to hunt for fun, and we have different ways of feeling. Major of people are scared about wild animals; they feel these animals can harm them.

Question 3:- In general, what’s the attitude of people in your country towards wild animals?

As I said that in my country we have different kinds of attitudes like people are totally frightened about these animals wild animals because they think that wild animals definitely harm them someone will worship as I said that someone would hunt for fun and someone for their part body parts and all. Someone wants to see from far, and they want to enjoy the wild animals.

Question 4:- Do you like (all) wild animals? (Why?/Why not?)

Yeah, I like wild animals; as I said, I like watching National Geographic channels most of the programs later about how they live they hunt, how they get their food and fascinates me a lot.

Question 5:- In general, do you think people like wild animals?

I can say I mean it changes from person to person we cannot judge they like or they don’t like but most of the cases everyone will have some fear when it comes to wild animals because most people are frightened. But in general, if you ask me, everyone has fear towards wild animals.

Question 6:- Are there any wild animals do you dislike? Why?

No, no, I don’t have any negative feelings towards wild animals; as I said that I like watching National Geographic channels because I don’t know I feel very happy watching all these programs which are related to wild animals.

Question 7:- In your country, are the attitudes of people today towards wild animals the same as the attitudes of people in the past?

Yeah, it changed a lot from the past because there are no regulations towards hunting of the wild animals and all, so these pieces are becoming extinct, so now the government has rules and regulations, and they are taking stringent actions against the person who are hunting the wild animals the older generation used to worship. They’re very scared about the wild animals no everyone is matured, And they know what they’re doing.

Question 8:- What about lions and tigers, do you like them?

Of course, I like Lions and Tigers; if you ask me, I have more interest in lion because it has its own royalty and it is the King of the jungle and totally hunt any day where it needs food. And the rest of the time, it is used to sleep; yeah, I like to lion more because the line has its own attitude and the most fierce animal.

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