Describe a time when you were forced to do something against your will

Describe a time when you were forced to do something against your will

  • What it was?
  • What/ who forced you to do it?
  • When it was?
  • and explain why you were forced to do it. 

Thanks to give me this interesting cue card topic. I usually do things which I love to do. No one in my family stop doing anything according to me. But sometimes in a life, we have to do somethings in order to make things correct. Same as this happened in my life. I would like to share with you briefly about it.

It was about a time when I was pursuing my secondary education and my neighbor was also studying with me in my school. He was so intelligent and love to study most of the day. But I was little bit weak in my study and I loved to play games and wandering with school friends.

One day in our school, the teacher took gave us test of English subject which will be taken by her at the next day. All students even started preparing it at the lunch time because it was little bit difficult. But me and my friends did not take it seriously as we spent whole the lunch time playing usually as another days. Even we didn’t study about it at our home.

At the next day, the teacher took our test. Me and all of my friends shocked to see that we didn’t even know the one right answer in this question booklet. All of our over-confidence had gone in a secong after seeing this booklet which was totally out of our knowledge.
Next day, the teacher gave us score reports. She started telling marks of every student.

My neighbor got higher marks than whole the class. But sadly, I got 0 marks in this test. Every student was laughing on me. I felt so ashamed. The teacher told about it to my parents. They were in tension after hearing it. Then, they took a decision to send me my neighbor’s house to study daily because he offered many times to study together.

But I refused him because I didn’t want to study with him. But this time, they finally sent me to his house for study. It was so stressful condition for me. Because I had to leave all my friends and started studying with him.

For some days, I felt so irritated but it gave me so good marks in exam. Then, I realized that it was really beneficial for me. So, I got interesting in studying with him and finally realized that sometimes, we have to take some steps against our desire in order to get some achievements in our life.

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