Describe an Aquatic Animal

Ques : Describe an aquatic animal
● What it looks like
● When you saw it
● Where you saw it
● Explain why it is interesting

Sample Answer of Describe an Aquatic Animal

There is ample fo animal on earth some are domestic, wild, and pet animals. Here I will talk about an animal living underwater, and I got them very interesting it is the dolphin. I came to know this when I visit science city with my friends on a school trip in the seventh standard. They showed us a whole movie on dolphins and gave accurate information about their lives like how they live and how they search for food n ways to see.                            IELTSData Twitter

The fascinating thing is that they are blind and find their way with the sound they produce in the water when sound hits an object and echo bounces back how much time it will take to back according to that they find their way. Most of the dolphins are peaceful and somewhat shy. and they are fast swimmers also.

The female is about 9 feet long, and the male is about 7 feet long. Unfortunately, now dolphins are on the verge of extinction. But now, the government has started taking steps to save them under the project Dolphin. Dolphins are very intelligent as I came to know that people are making shows with dolphins at some places, which is an excellent source of earning. So this is the aquatic animal, which I found very interesting.

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