Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something

Describe a time you decided to wait for something

  • When did it happen?
  • What you waited for?
  • Why you made the decision?
  • And explain how you felt while waiting.

Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something

Decision-making is not easy, but we all have a time when we have to decide on a matter. I had made several decisions to wait for something before, even though waiting is not easy either. However, I would like to talk about the one that always lingers in my heart.

This happened after graduating high school and seeking admission into a higher institution. I have wanted to be a Nurse since I was a kid, so when I was seeking admission into a university, I decided only to accept access that offers Nursing.

Unfortunately, the school I applied to said they were not admitting people into the nursing department that year because there was an issue with the program, which is yet to be settled.

They gave me two options: either offer me another course or wait till the following session and re-apply for Nursing. It was not an easy decision because all my colleagues had gotten admission, and I was the only one left.

Nonetheless, I waited for the following admission because of my dream to be a nurse, although, in the process of waiting, I was so scared that I might not get access. Also, I felt lonely and idle, but finally, the following year, I was offered admission to study nursing, and I was so happy that my waiting was fruitful.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something

Question 1:- What do people in your country often do while waiting?

Answer – My country is diverse, so I can not generalise what people do while waiting for something. However, some usually engage in other activities to keep them busy. For example, someone waiting for university admission can delve into vocational training during the waiting period.

Question 2:- Why do some people like a slow-paced life?

Answer – There are several reasons why some like slow-paced life. Firstly, some believe that slow and steady wins the race. They think they can achieve more when they take it slow rather than fast. Another reason is personality. A phlegmatic personality naturally likes a slow-paced life. In addition, some people like a perfect life, so they take enough time to do activities to avoid mistakes.

Question 3:- Is being patient suitable for people? Why?

Answer – Yes, patience is good. It is a virtue. The advantages of being patient include, first, less risk of danger. Patient people take time to assess situations and are quickly aware of the danger associated with the problem. As a result, they will not be a victim of harm. In addition, it increases productivity. Someone with patience will be available to wait for the right time to perform an activity, increasing the chance of success.

Question 4:- Are people less patient now than people in the past? Why?

Answer – We are now in a fast-paced era, so people are not patient, unlike in the past, especially the youths of nowadays. They want everything good at once, so they mostly look for shortcuts to achieve their dream. For example, many young people are now engaged in cybercrime because they want to be excessively rich at their age.

Question 5:- On what occasions do people have to wait every day?

Answer – There are several occasions when people have to wait days in my country—ranging from shelving to board public transport to staying in a long queue to withdraw from or deposit money in the bank. Another occasion is waiting for long hours in filling stations to get fuel. In addition, traffic congestion is another time when people have to wait.

Question 6:- Do you think people can’t wait to invent new technologies?

Answer – The leaps and bounds of technological advancement have motivated people to explore more inventions. Therefore, people can not wait to achieve these.

Question 7:- Why do people hate waiting?

Answer – People hate waiting for diverse reasons. First, waiting waste time. Sometimes, the time used in waiting could be used for something more productive. Another reason is that it affects emotion. Most time, waiting cause unhappiness for people. Finally, it puts people under unnecessary pressure.

Question 8:- Are kids better at waiting than adults?

Answer – I don’t think there is any relationship between age and waiting. Rather it depends on the individual. Therefore, neither a kid nor an adult is better at remaining, and it depends on the individual involved.

Question 9:- Can patience be taught to kids? How?

Answer – Well, I think patience is inherent. However, kids can be taught patience by encouraging them and stating its importance to them.

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