Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Work

Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Work. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Recent IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers: Work

Question 1:- Can you describe your job to me?

Answer – I am a Nurse. My primary duty is to care for ill patients in the hospital or at home. Also, I promote health by encouraging people to have a healthy lifestyle. That is, I encourage the public to eat healthily, avoid smoking and taking alcohol and do regular exercise.

Question 2:- What do you do for a living?

Answer – I care for sick people so they can recover, so I am a nurse.

Question 3:- How long have you been doing it?

Answer – I have been a certified nurse for about three years, although I spent five years in a hospital as a student nurse.

Question 4:- Can you describe one of your typical working days?

Answer – Typically, my working day looks like it includes; laying beds for my patients to make them comfortable, serving them food brought from the kitchen, feeding those that are incapable, helping their medications, doing medical checks up and assessing them for any actual or potential problems.

Question 5:- What’s your daily routine on a working day?

Answer – My routines are; bed making for the patients, feeding them, administering medications, and conducting checks and assessments.

Question 6:- Why did you choose to do that job?

Answer – Naturally, I am caring in nature. However, I chose to nurse because I got sick often when I was young, and I liked how the nurses cared for me whenever I was taken to the hospital. Therefore, I felt the way I could repay them was to become a nurse and take care of sick people too.

Question 7:- What things do you enjoy about your work? Why?

Answer – I enjoy several things about my work. Firstly, I like that I offer hope to sick people even when there is no hope of getting cured. In addition, I get to meet diverse people daily, and finally, it provides a chance to display my talent. I enjoy all these because it makes me feel fulfilled.

Question 8:- What do you think is the attraction of your work?

Answer – There are several attractions of my work. Firstly, The remuneration is reasonable. Another attraction is the nobility of the profession.

Question 9:- What is your ideal job?

Answer – The definition of an ideal job is that the pay will be commensurate with the service being rendered. Also, it must consider the welfare of the worker and the public.

Question 10:- Do you want to change your current job? Why or why not?

Answer – I don’t want to change my current because I enjoy doing it. However, I would like to change my workplace if there is a better option because the staff welfare is poor.

Question 11:- Are you willing to keep your job permanently?

Answer – No, I don’t wish to keep my job permanently. If I get a better alternative, I will opt for it because of the benefits. I get from my current job are minimal.

Question 12:- What are your plans for the future?

Answer – I have several plans. Majorly, I look forward to delving into selling medical equipment as there are few in the country presently and how I intend to achieve this is to travel abroad where there are good job opportunities. I would work to gather some money and then return home to start my business.

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