Describe a Time You Made a Promise to Someone

Describe a time you made a promise to someone
● Whom did you make the promise to
● What the promise was
● Why you made the promise
● Was the promise easy to achieve

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Made a Promise to Someone

Many people make promises regarding several things. Some people have a mean for their pledge, and some are pretty casual about making promises. And it irritates me. Because when people make promises, they dont have the intention to keep them. I dont make promises quickly, but if i do, then i try my best to fulfill them.

Last year, I made a promise to my parents to keep my health fit and fine due to coronavirus lockdown, and I use to eat a lot due to this, I suffer from obesity. and my parents are worried about me, and they always told me to avoid unhygienic food. But sometimes I ignored it. After few days, I suffer from a disc problem due to obesity. Then I make a promise to my parents that I will make my health fit in 2 months. To make my health fit, I joined Gym and started taking green vegetables, which helped reduce my obesity.

As well as it makes me energetic. It is not working in the initial stage, but still, I keep my promise, and after the third week, I started getting results, and I reduce three kilograms of my weight in 2 months. I felt so happy and light. Within four months, I achieved my goal and told my parents that I fulfill my promise. They are also pleased, and even I love to exercise in the routine because of that promise.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Time You Made a Promise to Someone

Ques 1. Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?
Ans: Definitely Yes!….. Indian parents make promise several times with their kids sometimes that want to motivate, or sometimes they wish to give them a lesson.
Ques 2. Do children also make promises to their parents?
Ans: Frankly speaking, every child makes a promise to their parents. Sometimes they mean it and sometimes they just promise to make their parents satisfy.
Ques 3. Do most people fulfill their promises?
Ans: Well, it all depends upon person to person. Still, in my opinion, most people have mean of their promise.
Ques 4. How do you feel when others break their promises?
Ans: A broken promise makes me feel distressed if the person is close to me. if any random person I broke any promise, and then I did not feel bad.

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