Some People Claim That the Government Should Provide Free Health Care

Some people claim that the government should provide free health care. Others think that the government will not provide the most innovative methods of treatment and its better to invest those funds in education and culture. What is your opinion?

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Nowadays, people are fascinating towards reading novels and watching television program. Most of the young generations like to read or watch crime related programs which are very much in demand. In this eassy I will discuss way these kind of books and programs are admired and would like to give my point of view on it.


There are ample of reasons due to ehich individuals love to see offencive shows. Firstly In this contemporary era people came to know what is the core of crime. To quote an instaance, while observing these shows the get how to judge the vibes of people. In addition in these serials they have great suspense which will make audience curious about the next episode or ending of a particular part.


Another reason of the popularity of these crime novels and TV shows is the dipction of violence and crime sence. This is because most of the audience are law abiding citizen who would most probabely never see any ssort of violance. For example a high rated TV program particularly give stress on things how the crime was carried out. All these sence create a curiosity among the people. This cause huge demand for crime novels and TV programs.


In my view these shows often potray on unhealthy level of criminal behaviour and violance and their unhindered distribution in dangerous for our society. They tend to glorify major isssue such as murders, robbery and crime against women, making the children and week minded as their soft targets. For example children start thinking womens their personal properly and they did major crime to set a age bar for these kind of novels and TV programs.


In conclusion, The major cause of the higheer demand of such kind of novels and television serials are the dipiction and the way they create suspense for the viewers. These things have great impact on minds of people. Therefore a limitation on the access and content of these dramas and novels must be imposed.

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