Describe an Energetic Person that You Know.

Describe an Energetic Person that You Know


You should say:

  • Who is this person?
  • How do you know this person?
  • Why do you think this person is energetic?
  • And explain how you feel about this person?

Sample Answer of Describe an Energetic Person that You Know.

Well, enthusiastic persons always remain a center of attraction for others. Their boundless energy motivates others to do something. So, such types of personalities have really an everlasting influence on others. Here, I would like to say about my friend Raman who is always full of beans. His positive perspective, confidence and on the top of that the politeness in his language makes him more popular and energetic.

Describe an occasion when you forgot something important

Apart from it, he works round the clock as he has been working as a marketing executive in a top- tier company. Inspite of having hectic schedule, he remains fresh and not even a single symbol of tiredness could be seen on his face. He eats staple food and abstains from junk food. I think this might be the reason of his limitless energy. I feel as if he is an ironman because I easily get exhausted and cannot handle pressure of work either at home or in the office.

A couple of days ago he came to my house and told me the reason why he does not feel tired and always feel fresh. Being a sports aficionado, the influence of sports players could be seen on him as he does a lot of exercise and is agile both physically and mentally. So, this is a person who has great zeal and is known for his good traits.



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